Saturday, October 18, 2008

Every Boy wants a Speedwagen Toy

How's this for inter species dating,Our Bug Funny has grown fond of lil' Red the shop truck. I think I need to step in and break the two up before they start producing air cooled mini trucks.
SOOOOOOOO---here is your chance to buy a VW funny car body for your own!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The "HILL" at Newport Indiana

Everybody thinks that the West Coast is where the Hot Rod Culture began---Not So, It was the "No Coasters" in Indiana who were the original HOT RODDERS !

There is more than Corn in Indiana---------

Since 1909 motor heads have been coming to Newport Indiana to take a shot at the "HILL" that is in the heart of the rural Indiana town. The increasingly steep hill was the test of machine and driver in the early days of automobiles in Indiana. Even The Chevrolet Brothers came here to take on the challenge.

An annual event is held in October for a hillclimb competion of antique cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The town fills up for a weekend of hillclimbs, flea markets, a parade, a car show around in the side streets---and all the good food and drink that you can stand.

The SPEEDWAGEN crew motored over this weekend to Newport to hang around with some of our old friends at the Hillclimb.

My Grandpaw ran his Whippet Automobile on the "HILL" in the 1930's, and it is strange to look up the same hill that he did----except a life time latter.

Bad Boy Bugs

No Girlie boy cars here!---smoke em!
When the GOODGUYS turned their nose up at VW's, This is our alternative Window Sticker Graphic for their happy little yellow sticker

Bugzilla and Cam's Sprinter hangin' out at the ole shop

Low-Gun Miller's street sweeper at the front door

These Funny car pics are food for thought. There is an old Funny car body hangin' around at the shop. It just may turn into a "Street Fighter" someday.

Bugzilla has just had a Warp drive installed, now it can jump into
Hyperspace. It's only been tested at warp 9

Another Bug with behavior problems from the Indiana flat lands.