Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jungle Park 2008 Racers Reunion

Jungle Park was an old race track in Western Indiana. It is the site each fall for a reunion of old racers and fans. There is always a varied batch of antique and vintage race cars on display.
My friend Verne Trester sold programs there when he was a little kid, and this restored race car the "Black Deuce" was the car that his hero Bobby Grim took many a checkered flag in.

I grew up hearing my Grandad telling about the races at Jungle Park, and every time I go there I enjoy thinking about the fact that we were at the same place--just 60 plus years apart.

This is a Video of some of the old rides taking a lap on the old race course

Thursday, September 11, 2008

Name that MILL!

Take the motor quiz, and see if you are a real motor mouth or just a poser

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Different Lookin'----and fast !

These are a couple rear engine roadsters from the Flats.
The red one is current design, and the blue car is a vintage job.
These cars have the driver in front of the roadster body, because the engine and gear box/differential fill up the car body.
The Speedwagen Roadster has such a short mill/transaxle set up that I hope to keep the driver in the Roadster body. The Chassis willl need to be lengthened to 140" wheel base, and the driver needs to loose about a 100 pounds to fit in the car. Baron Von Chop has been feed to many Pop Tarts.

Speedwagen lost it roof--oh my

The Speedwagen hauler with its flat bed conversion adaptor, made the run to Kokomo to rescue this 27 T roadster body. This will be the new Tail End for the Speedwagen rear engine modified roadster.

J.W. left an old rear engine race car body in my drive way years ago. I never knew what to do with it, but the front end may be nose of the Speedwagen Roadster

Stay tuned to see where we go from here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

NEW record set at Bonneville Speedweek

The HONDATA Bonneville team blew up a bunch of records at speed week this year.
They hung the G/GCC record on the MOON

4240 car number
Hondata CRX (yep it's a little ricer with a belly pan and some nose work--with one BAD motor)
187.077-new record!
Miriam Macmillan-Congratulations to all.

To keep from burning cash to chase this amasing record with a new car, we are going to roll the SPEEDWAGEN out as a Rear Engine Modified Roadster. G/GRMR.

So, for the time being the speedwagen will put its VW Comp Coupe skin in the rafters, and debut as a 27 T roadster.

I'm rollin up to Kokomo tomorrow to check out a roadster body. Some times you hold em, some times you fold em---we ain't FOLDIN'

The Speedwagen crew wants a world record in their resumes