Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Here is the latest addition to the SPEEDWAGEN collection of homeless race car parts.

I picked this up for the "monkey cage" for the the Bonneville car, but I Have determined the tubing is to thin for the SCTA rules for 4130 tubing.

So, Garage Art it is!---anybody want a funny car starter kit.

the next chapter in the Funny Bug saga

The SPEEDWAGEN funny has a new Daddy, "King of the Hill" Bob Diebler has taken it home to prep it as a VW drag car. Keep your eye on this one!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Plan B

The efforts for putting a saddle on a Bonneville effort have been put on hold, till the money tree comes into blossom.

So in the mean time, its back to Hot Rods and local events.

There are so many partially finished projects decorating the grounds, that I don't know what to fiddle with next.

So for your consideration, here is the menu!Add Image

This is a T Roadster that was built in the 60's, with a Watson style Indy Roadster front nose. This might be a good use for the 27 T body that is perched on the trailer out back. I can't decide what kind of drive train to put in it.

Here is a quick photoshop rendering of the idea

This is a similar car from Cincinnati

Then there are a couple of old chevy trucks that are keeping each other company.

The Red Truck is a stock 53 1/2 ton, and the Brown Truck is a 48 Panel
The Panel has been in our stable of sleds for over 30 years.

And Bugzilla has had it's eyes on the Bonneville Subaru Motor...

And right in the middle of my procrastination, I have been thinking about Electric Cars..I need help, somebody come check me in.

OOPS, I almost forgot about the VW Funny car body thats eatin up space.

Now that could be interesting!

Now what do I offer for desert ?

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Bugzilla is out of Moth Balls

My Grandaughter Elise thought we should take Bugzilla to the Annual Fathers Day car show in the local park. She is a big fan of Bugzilla, just like her Mommy Jaime.

We busted Bugzilla, the SPEEDWAEN Flagship out of Moth Balls for the event.

It's been a couple of years since the ole sled has seen daylight, but it fired right up!

Saturday, October 18, 2008

Every Boy wants a Speedwagen Toy

How's this for inter species dating,Our Bug Funny has grown fond of lil' Red the shop truck. I think I need to step in and break the two up before they start producing air cooled mini trucks.
SOOOOOOOO---here is your chance to buy a VW funny car body for your own!

Sunday, October 5, 2008

The "HILL" at Newport Indiana

Everybody thinks that the West Coast is where the Hot Rod Culture began---Not So, It was the "No Coasters" in Indiana who were the original HOT RODDERS !

There is more than Corn in Indiana---------

Since 1909 motor heads have been coming to Newport Indiana to take a shot at the "HILL" that is in the heart of the rural Indiana town. The increasingly steep hill was the test of machine and driver in the early days of automobiles in Indiana. Even The Chevrolet Brothers came here to take on the challenge.

An annual event is held in October for a hillclimb competion of antique cars, trucks and motorcycles.

The town fills up for a weekend of hillclimbs, flea markets, a parade, a car show around in the side streets---and all the good food and drink that you can stand.

The SPEEDWAGEN crew motored over this weekend to Newport to hang around with some of our old friends at the Hillclimb.

My Grandpaw ran his Whippet Automobile on the "HILL" in the 1930's, and it is strange to look up the same hill that he did----except a life time latter.

Bad Boy Bugs

No Girlie boy cars here!---smoke em!
When the GOODGUYS turned their nose up at VW's, This is our alternative Window Sticker Graphic for their happy little yellow sticker

Bugzilla and Cam's Sprinter hangin' out at the ole shop

Low-Gun Miller's street sweeper at the front door

These Funny car pics are food for thought. There is an old Funny car body hangin' around at the shop. It just may turn into a "Street Fighter" someday.

Bugzilla has just had a Warp drive installed, now it can jump into
Hyperspace. It's only been tested at warp 9

Another Bug with behavior problems from the Indiana flat lands.

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Jungle Park 2008 Racers Reunion

Jungle Park was an old race track in Western Indiana. It is the site each fall for a reunion of old racers and fans. There is always a varied batch of antique and vintage race cars on display.
My friend Verne Trester sold programs there when he was a little kid, and this restored race car the "Black Deuce" was the car that his hero Bobby Grim took many a checkered flag in.

I grew up hearing my Grandad telling about the races at Jungle Park, and every time I go there I enjoy thinking about the fact that we were at the same place--just 60 plus years apart.

This is a Video of some of the old rides taking a lap on the old race course


Thursday, September 11, 2008

Name that MILL!

Take the motor quiz, and see if you are a real motor mouth or just a poser